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Air Touch Highlighting Technique FAQ

Have you recently heard of air touch highlights technique and how it's so much better than the traditional highlights? I'm here to answer all of your questions.

What is air touch?

It's a foiling/highlighting technique that uses a cold air from a hair dryer to blow out the fine hair from your root and midlength area and colour the rest. The benefit of that is the seamless soft but dimensional look that air touch creates, ability to work with different layers of the hair (you can go much blonder very quickly or create a 'balayage like' grow out but colour starts from a root area, no need for so much hated teasing of the hair that is often used during a balayage). The technique was developed 5 years ago in Russia and since then went viral all over the world - the results all over Instagram speak for themselves.

Is air touch better than the traditional highlights?

It's not better or worse, depending on the look you're planning to achieve one or another can be used, or often a conjunction of different techniques.

Is air touch healthy for my hair?

Yes. What makes the difference is how the colour is applied, how experienced/detailed the hairdresser is as well as how gentle is the colour used.

What's the grow out and maintenance like?

The "grow out" or how seamlessly the hair grows out as months go by largely depends on how blonde the roots are, not on the technique. Maintenance for an air touch usually is 2.5-6 month with an express toning appointment in between.

Why should I try air touch instead of traditional highlights?

Air touch can achieve a darker root that can have an amazing grow out potential

Air touch is for someone who hates stripes or any visible lines in the colour

Want to go much much blonde in one go? Try air touch!)

Craving something different to try

Want to know more? Feel free to DM me on instagram Kateryna_hairstylist or call text 0488067783 for bookings

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