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Blonde Crash Course 101

Time to share with you some blonde hair wisdom! Becoming blonde is exciting and super fun, below are a few tips and tricks to make your experience a great one. Most common worries include hair breakage and upkeep and lot's of us, let be real, have been "damaged" by the experience. A bit of hair education will mitigate the risk.

Highlights, balayage, baby lights, face framing...What's the best colour choice for me? With so many terms it is hard to know what to choose, below are a few options to choose from and an explanation of what they are.

Balayage is a term that originated in France and means to sweep or to paint. It is a technique where a colourist paints your hair freehand, the result is a very natural sun kissed dimensional look without obvious regrowth lines. Maintenance 3-6 month.

Teasy lights technique is a balayage in a foil with some teasing involved to soften the paint line. One of my favourite techniques to use as the regrowth is even softer than with a traditional balayage and the colour longevity is 6 month or even longer in some cases. The great thing about this technique is that unlike traditional balayage you are able to go as blonde and as cool as you like. The downside is that colour starts about an inch from the roots, a few highlights can be added around the hairline to brighten up the look.

Highlights - a fine to medium weave highlight allows for a maximum colour in the root area. Perfect for someone who loves a bright blond look or for grey coverage. Highest maintenance option 8-10 weeks.

Baby lights or micro highlights - very fine subtle highlights that grow out beautifully and still allow plenty of brightness in the root area. Can be easily transformed to a balayage or highlights option. Maintenance up to 12 weeks.

Face Framing Highlights or Balayage - Whatever option you choose to go with (the above mentioned), you can alway brighten up the look with a face framing lighter pieces around your face, this option would suit someone wanting a low maintenance while retaining brightness.

Still confused? The best way to find out what is best for you is to talk to your trusted hairstylist about your options and maintenance.

50 shades of blonde edition Toning Advice - what, why and how often?

A toner is a semi permanent hair colour that washes out over time. Think of it as a lip gloss that has the power to make your hair cooler or warmer, darker (but not lighter), pink, blue or lilac even. It does wash out overtime (correction, some darker toner don't fully wash out) and should last you for approx 2-3 month (usually until your next appointment), provided your hair is healthy and the right hair care is used.

Why do I need it since it washes out? It makes you hair smooth, shiny, silky and adds an beautiful fashion shade to your colour.

How often do I need to have a toner done? When you are no longer happy with your current hair tone. There is no set rule for everyone and it is very individual. Generally I tone with most colour services and recommend my 6 month maintenance balayage clients to come back at a 3 month mark. Toner can make your existing colour feel like new!

Why does my toner wash out too soon? Hair damage and open cuticle makes it harder for toner to stay in the hair. Using hair masks helps to prevent this issue.

So I have my beautiful blonde colour, how do I keep it healthy? Here are my main tips:

Home care - the right products for your hair will ensure that they look the part even when not styled. Just buying a product designed for coloured hair sometimes isn't the best way to go, for example, if your roots are oily a shampoo designed for coloured hair will make them more oily so often you would need a combination of shampoo and a conditioner to get the best result happening. I'd highly recommend talking to your hairdresser before committing yourself to a buy that might not actually work for your particular hair type. It doesn't mean paying a small fortune for your shampoo, conditioner and a mask, there are lots of different options out there. But if you decide to invest in a balayage or highlights service the upkeep is detrimental to how beautiful your hair will look and feel on everyday basis not only after you leave the salon.

Do not over wash - choose the right shampoo. Washing your hair more often with a hydrating shampoo due to oily roots will do you hair no favours.

Hair mask will help you reduce styling time, will keep yellow brassy tones at bay and ,as my 8 year old says, will make your hair feel like a unicorn mane) I usually put a mask on the dry hair and keep it in for 5-10 hours, than shampoo and rinse. This simple trick will save you a lot of time trying to manage dry hair.

Toning (purple) shampoos and masks - how often and when? A toning shampoo, conditioner or a mask is used to reduce unwanted yellow/brassy tones. My advice is to come in for a toning service instead as sometimes toning shampoo especially at home can make hair feel dry, dull, muddy, darker. If you do decide to use the toning shampoo make sure to keep an eye on how your hair looks and feels afterwards, possibly it's not the best way to go. My advice is to tone in the salon and then use hydrating masks at home so the colour doesn't wash out in the first place.

Why is my hair feeling dry/damaged/unhealthy?

Hair Breakage occurs for a lot of reason's but when we specifically talk about colouring here are the most common reasons:

  • using bad/wrong hair products for your hair type.

  • hairstylist picking a product that is too strong for your hair/leaving it on for too long - these things happen more often then they need to! (this unfortunately happens).

  • being super blonde - the less pigment there is in your hair the dryer it will feel so utmost care needs to be taken at home looking after platinum blonde.

  • stress/body lacking vitamins - sometimes treating problem from within is the best way to go.

  • sun/swimming in the ocean.

  • over straightening/curling.

Still have questions? Ask in the comments below!

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