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Boost your hair health to the max!

This post is devoted to the luxurious SPA treatment with an unusual name "Happiness for hair". The name doesn't seems so strange any more after the treatment - your hair does shine, glow and gets literally happy.

With all the things we do to our hair - spending lots of time in the sun, swimming in the ocean and chlorinated water, colouring, blowdrying and straightening/curling, something like this is the perfect way to give your hair the TLC it desperately needs.

Created by the Japanese brand Lebel, the treatment is designed to restore your locks on a molecular level and is a multi step 1 hour long service that includes 9 different serums and creams to detoxify, hydrate and retain water, treat and improve scalp elasticity, promote hair growth and stop the ageing process, fill hair with protein, amino acids, vitamins and collagen.

Happiness for hair contains ingredients manufactured only from natural, plant raw materials, such as:

  • Silk proteins - they cover locks with a protective "cocoon" and make them straight and smooth;

  • Sunflower extract - a powerful antioxidant;

  • Hyaluronic acid - "seals" the moisture in hair;

  • Honey serum - moisturizes the scalp and hair itself;

  • SMS complex - restores the hair structure integrity;

  • White meadowfoam extract - makes curls flexible;

  • Bamboo extract – makes hair firm and flexible and moisturizes it;

  • Vitamin E - helps to preserve the cells integrity, is an excellent antioxidant;

  • Hydrolyzed collagen, keratin and soy proteins make the curls firm and dense.

During the treatment: Your scalp and hair will be washed and detoxified with a mousse and a heavenly massage, then serums get applied to the hair to restore internal hair structure and are left in the hair for up to 15 minutes, followed by the creams to hydrate and add shine to the external layer, hair is wrapped in a plastic film and is under heat for up to 20 minutes.

What to expect after a treatment? Depending on the amount of hair damage the results can vary but the overall feel, shine, thickness and elasticity is improved.

How often should I get the treatment done? If extremely damaged repeat 5-7 times every 2 weeks

Less damaged hair - monthly treatment for a maximum of 5-7 times

Happiness for hair is a top shelf exclusive service that's well known in Europe and Asia service but only seems to be available in a few salons across the whole Australia. Try it for yourself to see what the buzz on the other side of the world is all about!

To book your treatment press this button below:

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