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The Perfect Hair Routine

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Here are some quick and easy tips to save you time and make your hair look so good J Lo and J Anniston will be jealous. Basically life changing moment

1) Invest in good hair care - Shampoo,Conditioner, Mask (if your hair is coloured, long, curly or damaged), and any styling aid you require. It doesn't have to cost a fortune, but it's so important to get this right. The best way to pick good hair care is to ask your hair stylist or me (happy to help) on what is best - I usually access hair - length, damage if any, type, access scalp, ask of any sensitivities, hair routine - eg how often hair is washed, what's the desired final result is eg volume - there is basically so much involved, it's science! So when one picks a random product from a shelf or online, even if it's a good brand, there is a pretty big chance of getting it wrong.

2) Shampoo your hair correctly - twice, concentrate on the scalp. It sounds like twice as much work but your hair isn't going to be greasy as quickly so you aren't going to have to wash it as often. Think about why you're shampooing your hair - because the roots are oily. Meanwhile, I don't recommend touching the mid length and ends of hair at all as they tend to be much dryer (when the hair is wet it stretches up to 30%), overshampooeing (is that a word?) dry hair can cause breakage and split ends.

3) Condition correctly - spread conditioner through your hands, apply on the ends, work your way up to the mid length, when no conditioner left on your palms run then through front hairline to tame any frizz

Rinse well!

4) Mask - a must have if your hair is curly, long, damaged or coloured. you don't have to use a mask if your hair is mid length natural and healthy. For the rest of us, it's important, especially if you're wanting to grow your hair out, keep your frizz at bay, or keep coloured hair vibrant and shiny. If your hair is damaged, it's a good idea to use mask instead of a conditioner for a while - the same way you would use a conditioner. Again, with hair and scalp health, it's important to determine possible source of the problem and whether it's external or internal etc. How often? If damaged, usually once a week otherwise you won't see the result. There are lots of options available from take home treatments to more concentrated salon options or even botox for hair!

5) Styling Aid - the market is absolutely saturated with products and the best way to choose one is to ask your hair stylist how to achieve the look you're after or solve the problem you have - eg not enough volume, adding texture, reducing frizz.

Extra advice Air dry when possible, wear hat or apply leave in treatment when on the beach, hot tools need to be at low to medium setting (<=180C) - not high.

Short and sweet, hope this helps you to have many good hair days ahead

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