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Healthy hair guide

What a great Covid-19/home staycation resolution - healthy hair. There isn't a whole lot you have to do, by the way, and once you get it, like driving a car, it will stick like a good habit. Here are some tips to have more good hair days in your calendar:

Do not over wash your locks. There is no definitive rule on this but the curlier/frizzier you hair is the less you need to wash it. If your hair is coloured, especially blonde less is more too. The best way not to over wash is to find a shampoo and conditioner that works for your hair type and wash your hair twice (please see my hair routine article for the detailed wash breakdown).

Did you know?: Sulfates aren't bad for your hair. It's a myth that started in 2000's. It does't cause cancer, and if it's not in your shampoo then other similar to it ingredients are. That's what makes shampoo and toothpaste (yes, toothpaste!) foam up.

Parabens - it's a preservative found in most foods (around 90%) at the supermarket to prevent harmful bacteria and mould growing. So if it's in food, why worry about it being in the hair product? Scientist found no evidence that daily exposure of humans to parabens causes cancer.

Do keep your health/diet in check - Low Iron, B12, and Folate levels can cause anemia which reduces blood flow to the hair.

Did you know?: Sad news. Eating sugar can cause your body to produce increased levels of DHT, a hormone that triggers hair loss. So limiting your sugar intake is key. Do, however, eat whole foods that are rich in nutrients like protein, Vitamin C, and omega 3 fatty acids. Iron, B12, folate, biotin, and zinc are also of benefit to the hair. Zinc reduces inflammation which is the first step in hair falling out. And taking a probiotic can help your gut—or gastrointestinal system—absorb critical nutrients your hair needs to thrive.

Get regular cuts. Pay attention to the quality of the hair, not necessarily how long it is. Still not convinced? If not cuts, second best option is regular hair masks.

Style like a pro. Understand how to get the best out of hair care and styling products so you don't have to rely on hot tools and blowdrying so much.

Swim wisely. Keratin makes up over 90% of the hair structure. Chlorine binds to keratin, which, overtime, weakens hair structure according to research. Have a shower after swimming.

Sun/beach day damage The most damage I see is when my clients come back from vacations - happy and suntanned, but the hair shaft is basically structurally impaired. Wear a hat, if in doubt, apply extra treatments or hair oils.

Consider botox for hair. I talk about this in detail in my Botox for Hair FAQ article, in summary a great hair treatment that's designed to seal your hair cuticle and replenish hair with much needed lost protein, protecting the hair from split ends.

Switch a hairband to scrunchie. They have a bad rep for looking cringeworthy but there are plenty of options out there - there are grown up luxe 100% silk and velvet ones out there.

Wait. Hair game is slow, patience is required but if you do implement at least some of the above mentioned it might just be a crown that you never take off.

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