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Are you walking out of your hair appointment feeling inspired, sexy, heard, educated? If the answer is no, keep reading. How do you choose the right hairdresser? Hair appointments can be lengthy, expensive and imperative to how you feel about yourself afterwards. I'm going to break down what in my humble opinion makes a great hair stylist.

  1. Vision and creativity - "Having fun with it, creating an elevated hair version of your inner self, showcasing the beauty". I see it as providing different pathways and possibilities to my clients, inspiring them to confidently make decisions that they're excited about.

  2. Knowledge and experience - Goes without saying. Having the experience to achieve the end result and thinking ahead on how a particular hairdo will actually work in reality. Hair and Beauty Industry is developing and changing, new healthier more sustainable options are emerging on the market, let alone ever changing trends and it's so important to educate yourself as a hairdresser and be passionate about self development.

  3. Education - I absolutely love educating my clients on how to look after their hair best at home - how to style their hair, what products to use, giving blowdrying tips and detailing their hair routine - ditching what doesn't work and installing good habits that actually save time while achieving the best possible result. Giving a client simple info on achieving healthy hair is something that they can have with them for years to come.

  4. Long term hairstylist - like in any relationship, professional or love life, most of us do strive to have some permanence. Having someone that knows your hair and your likes/dislikes just makes life so much easier. So if you like it, then you should've put a ring on it!

  5. Feedback - Receiving feedback, whether it is positive or negative, without judgment, in an open friendly atmosphere where things can be worked out rather than shut down, is so important. You hairdresser needs to be there for you when things are good or bad and work through any concerns/issues you have.

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