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Curso Practico De Electronica Moderna Cekit Pdf thusare




Download and read online the Practico de Electronica Moderna Tomo2 Cekit book. Also you can download free sample or read online the first 5 chapters. Comments Translated by: Don Yee English Tom Muyo French Doni Emeciano Spanish Ricardo Bosque Alastair G T ; Mitchell E ; Collier M (2002) CITATION Electromagnetic Noise Exposure and Biological Effects Research Report Electronic Noise, Health and Environmental Aspects: The focus of the report is on understanding the consequences of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) generated by electronic products, such as cellular telephones, in the general population. The results of the first phase of the National Human Subject Study, presented here, confirm what the majority of previous research has suggested: that low-level environmental exposure to EMF can affect human health in terms of increased energy metabolism and immune dysfunction. This work suggests that, despite the current federal and state regulations that require people to be kept as far away as possible from electrical devices that generate EMF, there remains a significant amount of exposure for the general population. In addition, there is growing evidence that exposure may be cumulative, in that the longer you have been exposed, the more likely you are to be affected. The results are alarming. The levels of EMF found in the homes of the participating subjects were up to ten times the levels deemed safe by the World Health Organization. In addition, the people who had the highest levels of environmental exposure were also the ones who reported the most health effects. While the specific causes of any health effects cannot be determined from this research, there are a number of possible explanations for the observed findings: (1) the signal generator (cell phone) was kept in the same room as the subject, exposing him or her to the radiofrequency signal as well as the background EMF generated by the computer or TV, (2) the hands were held over the device, reducing the distance between the subject and the device, (3) the frequency and power of the radiofrequency emission may be increasing due to the decrease in the size of the device, and (4) higher environmental levels of EMF may be causing higher internal exposures. An important question still remains: if the findings are not due to the EMF, is there another cause for the health effects observed? The answer to this question is not clear at this point




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Curso Practico De Electronica Moderna Cekit Pdf thusare

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